Hello world!

I’ve created a new blog to replace my old one which was privatized. I privatized the previous one because I unwisely let those who would argue with me over the posts see it. I will not post the name of the old one since no one can see it anyway. As with my last one the blog will be about whatever I feel like, be that religion, politics, or insanity. The name of this blog comes from the natures of my gods, Wepwawet and Anpu. Wepwawet is a protective solar deity and Anpu is Foremost of the Westerners and guard of the horizon which is part of the gate to the Duat. I thought it fitting considering there will be a lot of talk about my Jackals on here. It’s about my path after all. And likely politics and such because I have lots of opinions lol I have two categories, Surrounded by the Sun, which is for general life stuff. I associate Wepwawet with more real-life concrete things and Anpu with the spiritual and cosmic stuff, hence the second category being Dancing at the Horizon. This isn’t to say that they’ll be excluded from the other’s category, just what I wanted to do. Anyway, enjoy, I’ll be making a new post soon.


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